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palerthanbone asked: any idea how high my hopes should be for meeting the band after a show??

I never got to meet them myself (the last time I saw them, security kicked everyone out of the venue right after the show). But, if you hang around after the show at the venue you might be able to meet them; I’ve heard they’re really nice. Good luck!

Aaaaah, my husband posted his cover of Anberlin’s Art of War. It is by far my favourite cover that he has done recently. The strings, the harmony, the bridge. I’m so proud of him.



Just finished rearranging my Anberlin memorabilia as sort of a final goodbye. The first picture is what it looked like before the last two Melbourne shows two days ago.

The frame contains as many tickets of the shows as I could get my hands on, which isn’t all of them sadly; my signed poster of the An Evening With tour in 2011, a signed copy of Never Take Friendship Personal from the special last show in Australia ever until their reunion tour; the limited edition poster for the last two Melbourne shows (on the side for the Forum show because I like that image better); a small note of some of Deon’s favourite lyrics (why all good things should fall apart, by The Menzingers); a signed setlist from the first time we ever saw them live in Melbourne 2009; one of the CD booklets from the limited Anchor & Braille release where Stephen wrote a small note in each one; and possibly the most important thing to me - Stephen wrote me a small note of the chorus to Down.

I moved the signed Anchor & Braille image of The Quiet Life down to sit with the two Anberlin posters, and the poster of all the album covers is on the side. These are the only things on my walls, and to really understand the significance of that - the only decoration on my bedhead is a small box containing replicas of my father’s medals, the things he was most proud of.

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