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Resolutions of Respect - In loving Memory of @anberlin #anberlin #lowborn #finaltour #closure #respects #inlovingmemory #iloveanberlin


Resolutions of Respect - In loving Memory of @anberlin #anberlin #lowborn #finaltour #closure #respects #inlovingmemory #iloveanberlin

Lowborn officially comes out on Tuesday (though a number of people have already gotten their preorders), and so in honor of this I’d like to open up the ask box and the submissions.

If you have anything you want to say about what Anberin has meant to you, how you feel about the final album, or anything else, you can send it in for us to publish, either anonymously or with credit.

Here’s to the past 12 years of Anberlin and whatever the future holds.

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So yesterday at Cleveland Warped faithandhopex3 and I were meeting Anberlin and I noticed Stephen had a little smirk on his face when he was signing her New Surrender CD and once I finally got him to show me it was this:image

When I asked why he did it he said he was making “futuristic hipster art” and was super proud of himself. They are not allowed to stop being a band, I’m gonna miss them way too much.


Anberlin have posted a video for their song ‘Stranger Ways’.

Contest: Have Your Anberlin Tribute Published, Win A Free T-Shirt


Do you love Anberlin? Do you want your tribute to the band to be read by the band and published online? Would you also like to win one of your classy Mind Equals Blown T-Shirts? Then go check out the link above. It is a cracker of a contest. I wish I could be entering this contest myself but alas, rules are rules.